Murat Bardakçı was born in Istanbul in 1955. His journalism career began as early as high school, and after studying economics in college, he continued his career as a journalist.

Since 1980, he has been covering historic events as a foreign correspondent in Middle-Eastern countries, such as the Iranian Revolution, the Iraq War, the Lebanese Civil War and the Gulf War. In 1986, he opened the first Turkish press office in the Middle-East in Cairo and lived in Egypt for five years while also visiting many African countries . After returning to Turkey in 1991, he focused more on historical writing. His ten-year run of a full-page column in Turkish newspaper Hürriyet named “Tarihin Arka Odası” (The Backroom of History), in which he analyzed current events with examples from history, has garnered the age of “history page” in Turkish newspapers. He continued to publish his column after moving from Hürriyet to Habertürk, another high-circulation newspaper, has co-hosted the most watched history programme ever in Turkey, entitled “Tarihin Arka Odası” (The Backroom of History) with historian Prof. Dr. Erhan Afyoncu on Haberturk TV, and published the history magazines “Hürriyet History” and “Habertürk History” with mass circulation.

Murat Bardakçı has also published several books based on research which led him to private and official archives. Titles include “Şahbaba”, “Son Osmanlılar” (The Last Ottomans), “İttihadçı’nın Sandığı”, “Talât Paşa’nın Evrak-ı Metrukesi” (The Abandoned Documents of Talât Pasha), “Mahmud Şevket Paşa’nın Sadaret Günlüğü”, “Hafız Hakkı Paşa’nın Sarıkamış Günlüğü”, “Üçüncü Selim Devrine Ait Bir Bostancıbaşı Defteri” and “Neslişah”. As a scholar of Turkish music history, Bardakçı has also published several books on the subject, such as “Maragalı Abdülkadir”, “Ahmed Oğlu Şükrullah’ın Risalesi ve 15. Yüzyıl Şark Musikisi Nazariyatı”, “Sultanî Besteler” and “Refik Bey”.