Born in Uşak, in 1958, İskender Pala graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Letters Turkish Language and Literature Department in 1979. Finished his doctorate and Ph.D. in Turkish Divan (Ottoman) Poetry in Istanbul University. In order reinvigorate the love and understanding of Divan Poetry, he has written numerous articles, essays, stories and newspaper articles which are all inspired by classical poetry and he became known as the man who made people love divan poetry again.

With some of his works, he received Writers Union of Turkey Award (1989), AKDTYK Turkish Language Assosiation Award (1990), Writers Union of Turkey Research Award (1996). He was distinguished with the title “Uşak Folk Hero” by his fellow countrymen.

His novels Death in Babylon, Love in Istanbul (2003), Katre-i Matem (Grief Drop), Şah ve Sultan (Shah and Sultan) (2010), OD (Flame) – A Yunus Novel (2011), Efsane (Legend) – A “Barbaros” Novel (2013, Mihmandar (The Host) (2014), Karun ve Anarşist (The Croesus and The Anarchist) (2017) were sold more than one hundred thousand copies, earned many rewards and translated into other languages. He was also nominated for the literature category of Grand Presidency Awards.

He sees Bülbülün Kırk Şarkısı (40 Songs of the Nightingale) (2015) as his best work. He is happily married with three children and currently works as a teaching fellow at Istanbul Kültür University.