I was born in 1944 in Menemen, İzmir.  My father Ertuğrul Alatlı takes traces of his family up to Rumelia Governor İhtiyar İbrahim Pasha; who was decapitated by Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha due to “he claimed the incorrectness  of 2nd Vienna Siege”

Courage and Ethic of İhtiyar İbrahim Pasha who wrote to Sultan “Punishment of Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa would be against the state, due to this action” before a few hours to his decapitating never haunts my mind.

The first generation from both sides of the family are the grieved people who have experienced the horrific migrant event of the Balkan War.

My father is a soldier. My mother Fürüzan Alatlı was a girl who read the French poetry, and riding trained by Republic carefully.

When my dad is in Erzurum, I cannot forget his efforts to learn English on the rank of majors. No cassettes, no videos, no dictionaries – just a Gatenby book of trashy human drawings and my dad was trying to learn English. It was an effort that no one could understand, but he did. We succeeded in the language test and we were assigned to Japan as an “Attaché military”.

I studied there at a college called “The American School in Japan”. It was an incredible nightmare. Middle School English and American College. On the other side Japanese.!

I returned to Turkey, and I joined Middle East Technical University, Department of Economics and Statistics. Tthere was Fuat Çobanoglu, the late teacher of the teachers.

He was a thinker too far ahead of his time and our class killed him . We have caused him a great disappointment. So I think that he gave up his life because he could not stand us.

Then America … Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. We saw that we were at least as good as American students. In those years, those from ODTÜ were taken to the US master programs without question.

“Or’da kimse varmı- (Is there anyone else)?” was published in 1992. This was a question I asked, and am I just thinking about this? a question like that. We have seen that, no … Since then the book has been quietly printed a new edition every year. There are so many people in Or’da!

“To know in this society is to be exposed to absolute injustice in absolute terms. Because information charges the person and  obliges you to understand. An ignorant awakens a sense of pity. Destructiveness is forgiven. This is their luxury. Yet an intellectual was sentenced to life imprisonment for a criminal offense such like enlightening.

Alev Alatlı was honored with the “Medal of Freedom” by Yaser Arafat, who was on the exile in Tunisia in 1986, for his contribution to the promotion of the Palestinian action. In 2006, he won the “Mikhail Sholokhov 100th Anniversary Prize” in Moscow with her novel “Not Enlightenment, Mercy”. Alev Alatlı received the Presidential Culture and Art Grand Award in the field of literature in 2014.