Born in Istanbul in 1961, Kursad Demirci attended Pertevniyal High School and Vatan High School in Istanbul. He graduated from Istanbul University in 1986 with a degree in the archeology of Asia Minor. That same year, he became a research fellow at Marmara University in the History of Religions department. He obtained his master’s degree with a thesis titled “Holy Books of Hinduism”.

Demirci went on to obtain a Ph.D. with his thesis “A Comparison Between the Parables of Creation in Cuneiform Tablets and the Parables in the Holy Torah”. He became an associate professor, then a professor in the same department. His principal works are as follows:

-Yahudilik ve Dini Çoğulculuk (Judaism and Religious Pluralism)

-Hinduizmin Kutsal Kitapları (Holy Books of Hinduism)

-Dinler Tarihinin Meseleleri (Issues in the History of Religions)

-Bir Hristiyan Mezhebi Olarak Ortodoksluğun Teolojisi (Theology of Orthodoxy as a Christian Sect)

-Eski Mezopotamya Dinlerine Giriş (Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamian Religions)

-Yahudi Mistisizmi Kabalacılık (Jewish Mysticism: Kabbalism)

-Antakya Teolojisi ve Nesturilik (Theology of Antioch and Nestorianism)