Born on December 29th, 1950 in Ankara. He is the son of Prof. Dr. Kemal Tahir Gürsoy, a former lecturer at Faculty of Law at Ankara University. He graduated from Istanbul Hırka-i Şerîf Primary School (1962), Saint-Benoit French High School (1970). He attended to Rennes and Paris-Sorbonne Universities (1974), respectively, with a scholarship Turkey provided for exemplary graduates of French schools.

On his return to Turkey, he started to work as an assistant in the Philosophy Department at the Faculty of Science and Literature in Atatürk University (1977). Became a doctor of philosophy in 1979, assistant professor in 1982, and associate professor in the Department of Systematic Philosophy and Logic in 1983. Meanwhile, He was commissioned as a researcher at the Philosophy Department of Paris Nanterre University in France (1981-82). In 1984, he was assigned as an associate professor of history of philosophy at the Faculty of Language, History and Geography at Ankara University. He became a professor at the same university (1989). He later served as the Head of Philosophy Department of Faculty of Literature from 1994 to 1997. Later on, he served as the Head of Philosophy Department of Faculty of Literature, the Principal of the Institute of Social Sciences and the dean of the Literature Faculty at Galatasaray University (1997). He also gave lectures at Sorbonne University (2003). Meanwhile, he continued his studies as the lecturer of the Science and Literature Faculty and Philosophy department at Galatasaray University. Between 2005 and 2009, he hosted a TV program named “Düşünce İklimi” in a national TV channel, TRT 2.

From 2009 – 2014, he served as the ambassador of Vatican. Returning in 2014, he continued to serve in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a time and then retired from public service as an ambassador. He continues his academic career as a faculty member at İstanbul Aydın University and as the Principal of Western Studies Center. He is also in the board of trustees and the chairman in Cenan Foundation of Education, Culture and Health.

His works are mainly in the field of Ethics, Comparative Religious Ethics, Phenomenology, Existentialism, and Mysticism. He participated in many seminars, symposiums and conferences both in Turkey and abroad. He has endeavored to popularize the philosophical attitude and thinking in Turkish cultural life and the education system. He advised on post-graduate level doctoral and masters dissertations. Although not officially as an adviser, he helped many academics on their dissertation studies and contributed to their growth.


Traduction et Commentaire de Maquamat al Awliya de Akşemsettin (1983)

Jean Paul Sartre Ateizmi’nin Doğurduğu Problemler (1987, 1991)

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Yabancıların Gözüyle Türkler ve Türkiye (Joint Book, 1995)

Bir Felsefe Geleneğimiz Var mı? (2006)

Gönül Gözü (with Tuğrul İnançer, 2006)

Bir Evrensel Projemiz Var mı? (2007)

Etik ve Tasavvuf (2008).


Fenomenoloji ve İnsan Bilimleri (from M. Merleau-Ponty, 1983)

Fârâbî’de İniş ve Yükseliş: İkiye Ayrılan Bir Bağlantı Zinciri (from Yues Marguet, 1990)

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